Five Instagram Travel Photographers You’ll Love to Follow!

The amazing thing about Instagram is that it really does seem to put the whole world at your fingertips – and even more so if you follow some of the globe’s most adventurous and inspiring travel photographers, who snap and upload incredible images from their travels that make the rest of us feel inspired, awe-stuck and sometimes, just a little bit jealous.

If you’d like to broaden the horizons of your Instagram feed, or perhaps pick up some tips and inspiration for your own travel pictures, here are five Instagram travel photographers whose accounts are absolutely worth a ‘Follow’. And if you have your own favourite travel photographers to follow on Instagram that we haven’t mentioned in this article, please share their account handles with us in the comments below!


Instagram Travel Photographers


Our Wild Abandon

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Don’t we all dream of quitting our jobs, selling our possessions and hitting the road to go wherever the mood takes us? Best friends and very talented photographers Jill and Kyla did just that in 2013; leaving behind their home city of Vancouver to travel the length and breadth of the USA in a renovated trailer, which they nicknamed ‘Billy Jean’.


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You’ll adore their dreamy, colourful and action-packed photographs from across America, and now from even further-field, as they’ve been invited to destinations including Nicaragua, Italy and even the UK. Give their account a follow; you won’t ever be disappointed.


A photo posted by @ourwildabandon on


Callum Snape

A photo posted by Callum Snape (@calsnape) on


Freelance travel photographer Callum Snape leads a pretty enviable life. Each year he spends weeks backpacking across his native Canada and the USA, snapping gorgeous photographs along the way and often spending days hiking to a particular location just to capture it on camera.


A photo posted by Callum Snape (@calsnape) on


As you can see from his photographs, it’s worth the effort, and you’ll adore scrolling through his rocky mountain, snowy peak and lush forest-filled feed. Keep an eye out for the creatures that make an occasional appearance in his photos too!


A photo posted by Callum Snape (@calsnape) on


A Lady in London


Originally from San Francisco, the lady behind A Lady in London, Julie Falconer, has an Instagram account that will make you realise you can get all the thrill of travelling without even leaving the UK. She regularly posts stunning photographs from her mooches across the capital and the rest of the country, often revealing hidden spots, adorable streets, and breath-taking views along the way that you’ll want to discover for yourself immediately.


This view never gets old!

A photo posted by A Lady in London (@aladyinlondon) on


However her travels are by no means limited to the British Isles, as she proudly states that she has visited places in over 100 countries – most recently she’s stepped foot in Berlin, California and the Seychelles, and of course shared plenty of photographs while she was there. Lucky lady.



Theodore Kaye


Get a unique glimpse into China and South and Central Asia by following Theodore Kaye’s incredible Instagram account, through which he shares candid photographs of life and the landscape as he makes his way these colourful parts of the world.



Having spent parts of his childhood in China, India and Indonesia and then embarked on a career as a photojournalist, his intriguing photographs include local people and scenery equally. You’ll love to find out the stories behind the photos, which he often includes in the captions.



The Planet D

A photo posted by Dave and Deb (@theplanetd) on


Think travelling the world is only for gap-year students or those with bulging pockets full of inheritance cash? Long-term couple and perpetual globetrotters Dave and Deb, together known as the Planet D, will surely change your mind as they share fantastic photographs of their worldwide travels on a shoestring together, which they began more than six years ago. 


A photo posted by Dave and Deb (@theplanetd) on

Dave and Deb have visited everywhere from Iceland to India, immortalising their adventures in their Instagram feed which is alive with richly colourful vistas that are almost too beautiful to be true. One thing’s for sure: you’ll want to grab your passport and find out for yourself.


A photo posted by Dave and Deb (@theplanetd) on

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