Photo Quality Issues?

What makes a good photo?

Many things that can make a good photo. The camera used, lighting, how steady you are, settings and so much more… all play there part.
But what do you do when you have a great picture and want to send it to some one to print it out?
How do you make sure that when you send it or upload load it, it is the best it can be?

The basics of a good image are generally, the bigger, the better. Larger file sizes or bigger pixel dimensions generally mean that there is more information to work with. In Windows you can [right click] on your image file and check the file size in [properties].

BIGGER, the BETTER! – Large photo dimensions and file size will usually be better quality.

If you know how to use Photoshop, or similar program, size your image to the required dimensions and save at 300 pixels per inch.

Things to avoid?

It seems to us at Transform Your Images, that the modern world is trying it’s best to destroy your image quality.

  • Phone Screen Shots – Although convenient to put an image to the front of your camera roll, these are the biggest destroyers of image quality… Avoid at all costs. When you screen shot, it does not actually save the image… it simply takes a small, low resolution snapshot at the size of you phone screen. Screenshot images often look blurred or pixelated when enlarged.
  • Facebook/Instagram etc – Images on Facebook/Instagram are often reduced to make it quick to load on mobile devices. Saving the image from Facebook/Instagram, will likely not be as good as the original photo.
  • Social Media Sharing – Just like Facebook, most social media services will reduce the quality of your images.
  • Phone Photo Editing Apps – These are fun, but are usually not designed for the results to ever be printed. Most phone apps will reduce and compress your image, so that the app can appear to run quickly. When the final image is saved it is usually at a really small size and not suitable for print.



Sending your images

When sending an image, always send the original photo if possible. Sending as an email attachment is better than social media, or messaging apps. When sending as an email attachment, choose the option to send as full size/original if you can.

Sending big images – Too big for email

If your photos file size is really big (Sometimes email servers have size limits), you can send using one of the many ‘Large file sending’ services online such as or



Bigger the file or image, the better. Avoid sending using social media. Use the original, full size image… and most importantly, AVOID PHONE SCREEN SHOTS!!

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